Insulated Bodies - Dry Freight

  • Standard Specifications
  • Optional Extras
  • Gallery
  •   23mm Fibreglass Panels - Front and Sides
  •   Polystyrene roof 40mm thick with high gloss fibreglass skins
  •   Floor - 3mm Mild Steel floor
  •   Bonded Vacuum Panels with high gloss fibreglass skins
  •   Corners to be laminated and flow coated in white
  •   Double rear doors
  •   Single bar lock per door
  •   Rear frame to be manufactured from 2,5mm Mild Steel with Grab handles
  •   3 hinges per door
  •   300mm high kick plates
  •   Underrun bumper
  •   Lockable battery cover
  •   Body mounted fairing
  •   Docking Rubbers
  •   Interior lights with switch
  •   Roof Vents
  •   Shoring bars
  •   Cargo Tracking
  •   Hazchem Spec
  •   Single side door
  •   Double side doors
  •   Plywood lining against sides and front

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